Shijiazhuang Weida Exploration Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly North Petroleum Geophysical Exploration Machinery Factory) was founded in 1988 and is located in Jinzhou City, Shijiazhuang, an important industrial base in Hebei Province. The environment is beautiful and the geographical location is superior. It is 5 kilometers away from the southern exit of Jinzhou on the Shiheng Expressway, 15 kilometers away from the Xinji South High Speed Railway Station, and 50 kilometers away from Zhengding International Airport.
      With a modern factory area of 13000 square meters and 80 employees, it is one of the few domestic and international enterprises that integrates drill pipe and drilling tool design, manufacturing, testing, domestic trade, and foreign trade sales. It can produce various specifications and models of drill pipe and drilling tools according to national standards, Russian standards, American standards, European standards, and other specifications. It can also design and manufacture special specifications of drill pipe and drilling tools according to customer needs.
      We have multiple advanced CNC lathes, friction welding machines, tube end upsetting and thickening machines, and complete production equipment. We have established a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001, and have received multiple training from professional system management personnel for all employees. The quality management system operates effectively and effectively. From the signing of orders to the inspection and delivery of finished products, we use various identification methods such as labeling, engraving, painting, and record all data to ensure product traceability. Equipped with various specifications of thread detection gauges, pitch detection instruments, taper detection equipment, flaw detection equipment, and hardness detection equipment, we have the necessary physical and chemical detection equipment to conduct comprehensive mechanical performance testing of drilling tools according to requirements.
      Adhering to the corporate philosophy of sincere cooperation, reliable quality, and high-quality service, we aim to improve our self-management level, adjust market layout, enhance product technology content, address customer needs, and ensure that customers can buy with confidence and use with ease.